Assembling handicraft mockups

Make your design presentations stand out with our patch mockups and embroidered generator! Display your logo, images or illustrations realistically. Dozens of embroidery styles to choose from. You can adjust the thickness of the embroidery and combine them to achieve hundreds of possibilities. You can easily rotate the patches to get a landscape format. 2 different outline styles to choose from. Play with the opacity of the light to get different contrasts. You will also get high quality textures like fabric, marble, jeans, plywood or apron.

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Mockup Build Specifications

Mockups with 12 patches
Each patch has 2 different outline styles to choose from.
Dozens of embroidery styles to choose from
Embroidery generator
20 quality textures
6 pre-made scenes ready to use
Professional photo sessions with great attention to detail
Huge resolution. Ideal for close-ups and printing
Easy editing via smart object layer. Submit your design. Click "Save" and you're done!
All files and folders are neatly organized. Each layer is correctly named
Help documentation in PDF format

You can change the color of the hat, backpack and some aprons.

Embroidery PSD mockup

Embroidery PSD mockup
№ 1631
Hoop mockup with cross stitch imitation. The smart layer contains an image embroidered on the hoop, and the mechanism of the mocap filters is implemented in such a way that by placing any picture, photo or logo on the editable layer, you will get an imitation of its cross-stitching. The most realistic images are obtained on a white background. In addition, on a separate layer there is a needle and thread that can be moved, removed and the color of the thread changed. The size of the original image is 3500x2333 pixels.
Post author Irina Limonova
25 may 2020, 09:00

FREE embroidery on the hoop PSD mockup

FREE embroidery on the hoop PSD mockup
№ 1632
Mockup for the most creative people. A set with threads, a hoop, on a separate background is cross-stitch embroidery. The color of the threads can be changed as you like, and the image on the hoop located in the smart layer can be created using the free font included in the set and the cross-stitch brush. Thanks to these two tools, you can create a very realistic picture by combining inscriptions and drawings. Due to the fact that the background and hanks of thread are in separate layers, their position can be changed or removed altogether. The background smart layer comes pre-installed with three options for the wooden table top. Original image size
Post author Irina Limonova
25 may 2020, 11:15

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Eradzh Shams
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