How to draw a smooth curved line in Photoshop

Hello. I think that everyone who is somehow connected with working in Photoshop and, on duty, sometimes has to draw something there, faced with drawing a line. A straight line can be drawn without problems with the Line Tool, but a long curved line has to be drawn freehand with a brush. And it doesn’t always turn out smooth and beautiful (unless, of course, you are an artist and work on a tablet). So in this article I will tell you how to make a smooth curved line in Photoshop using an example. So we have this task:

We have dots that need to be connected with a curved smooth line. Selecting the Curvature Pen Tool

At the top in the options, select "Shape", remove the Fill, set the desired Stroke, select the Stroke options (I chose the dashed line)

And we begin to consistently set the reference points of our line. I put them where I already have yellow circles. Having put down four points, I got such a curve.

As you can see, you can put as many points as you like.

On top, I was too lazy to put more points and a line was formed there, which I need to edit. I hold down the left mouse button, creating an anchor point and move it (point) without releasing the mouse to where I need

This is how I do it in several places. As a result, we got this line

Press Enter, the line is ready. I hope the lesson was helpful. All the best until

Eradzh Shams
Eradzh Shams
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